About me

Born in Como [Italy] on 13/09/1991. After high school I didn't have a clue of what I wanted to do with my future. 

I took the chance to spend time looking for it.

After occupying various positions in different places -waiter [Cork, Ireland], courier, dishwasher, animator [Gran Canaria, Spain], apprentice to a craftsman decorator- I noticed that what I found myself doing the most was using images ( drawing or doodling, using colors ) when I had time for me, but most of all to communicate with others.

I started a three-year course of visual arts in 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli where I could get in contact with fitters and curators ( like at the exhibitions at Villa Olmo [Como, Italy] of 2013/14) and take part in competitions (have been awarded according to the international painting "Rio for Economy 2014" contest) and follow internships and workshops like the Plastic materials sculpture workshop held in Milano by the "Ghostart program".

I then lived an international volunteer experience in 2016-17: I spent a year working in a cultural space in Lisbon [Portugal], which helped me getting in touch with so many types of art. During 2017 I worked as comunicator at the European Istitute of Design in Como and partecipated to an Art residence at Chiostrino Artificio before deciding to partecipate to another volunteer work experience in Bolivia where I had the chance to film the living of a native people.

In 2019, after pareciping to "Frammenti", a collective exhibition in Como, I moved to Marseille [FRA], where I'm dedicating full time to art production.